Before scrolling to check your team assignment, please note—if you do not see your player’s name here on the roster, do not panic. It is likely because your son or daughter is not fully registered/paid. If you need to register/pay, please do so immediately here. If you are having trouble registering, simply email the board at and we will help you complete the process.

A word about dual rostering: because we are a small program, we often use the fall season as a test case for the spring season. Players on a roster in the fall may be asked to move to another team for the spring, depending on their ability and the needs of the team. Additionally, players may have the opportunity to play games on both teams during the fall season to help ensure maximum playing time and well-balanced rosters.

Boys Grade 3/4

Orange Team - Coach Jay Youngquist
Luke Bolduc, Aidan Costa, Gavin Doyle, Benjamin Howe, Elijah McKenna, Liam Youngquist, Jack Aucoin, Andrew Waterman, Benjiman Waterman.

Black Team - Stephanie & Jeff Doherty
Ethan Doherty, Logan Clark, Henry Cox, Braeden Jones, Brandon Morris, Carter Sproule, Nolan Adams, Asher Parker.

Girls Grade 3/4

Orange Team - Coach Erin Ewell
Abigail Borey, Lila Ewell, Kelci Ferbert, Ryann Ferreira, Kennedy Frawley, Lily Iwanski, Savannah Kmetz, Grace Lothrop, Camryn MacDonald, Ella Medeiros, Emma Pina-Doherty, Rose Price.

Boys Grade 5/6

Orange Team - Coach J.J. Battaglia
Nick Carmody, Owen Kent, Declan Gokey, Trey Baker, Johnny Welch, Ryan Whittemore, Spencer Troy, Jeffrey Doherty, Benji Sciascia, E.J. Wanke, Daniel Burke.

Black Team - Dave Doherty, Marlon Dietzsch, Tom Hunter
Andrew Muldoon, Noah Dietzsch, Isaac Lothrop, Ian Pina-Doherty, Lucas Guerra, Jayden Langley, Landon Mackenzie, Dante Cerasulo, Joseph Hall, Otis Hunter, Kyle Kulda, Jackson Costa, H. Smith, Brody Stewart, Lucas Barbosa, Devin Homer.

Boys Grade 5/6

Orange Team - Coach Jay Youngquist
Julia Gray, Maddie Phillips, Kendra Cardin, Emma Kmetz, Olivia Mather, Mia Torres, Emmie Ewell, Mary Cox, Emma Logan, Mari Albon, Meghan Youngquist, Olivia Redder, Kaitlyn Koss, Adelle Enos, Madeline Kirkpatrick.

Black Team - Linda Balsder
Melanie Delancey, Kaylee Roche, Hannah Fontaine, Hayley Washburn, Hadley Goyette, Kaitlyn Jones, Bella Duphily, Evelyn Laplante, Lexi Boyd, Mallory MacDonald, Roseanna Chabot, Carolyn Thibodeau, Addison Balser, Josephine Croteau, Ava Duphily, Emily Oates.

Girls Grade 7/8

Orange Team - Coach Brian Bush
Morgan Ahern, Morgan Brady, Leila Braun, Jocelyn Bush, Amanda Cardin, Kailey Coakley, Nirvana Cragin, Carolyn Dietzsch, Lauren Dufresne, Heather Fulton, Rebecca Fulton, Kamora Johnson, Gabby Letendre, Brooke Main, Faith Main, Allie Mitschele, Taylor Nichols, Abigail RICKER Brianna Rodrick, Tessa Savard, Leah Stearns, Talia Wilkins.

Boys Grade 7/8

Orange Team - Coach Jeremy Redder
Abban, Birkett, Boyd, Covel, Cutler, Alves, DiBona, Dietzsch, Donahue, Fernandez, Hunter, Jn. Redder, Jo. Redder, Keefe, Kent, Leclaire, Lyons, Middleton, Nickerson, Oliveira, Senat, Siciliano, Waterman, Youngquist.